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  • We enjoy playing Bullseye, but my child is a bit rusty with creating number sentences. What do you suggest?"
    In time, your child will develop the confidence and self - esteem to create plenty of number sentences. Please refer to the "How To Play" tab for some examples. Below are a few strategies that your child might be familair with from his / her math class. Addition Strategies: Use Landmark numbers and making tens strategy. Subtraction Strategies: use counting back and adding up to subtract. Multiplication Strategies: Use repeated addition, looking for doubles, and landmark numbers. Division Strategies: Use Equal shares, repeated subtraction, halving, and doubling.
  • Can I purchase the game at Walmart, Target, etc?"
    AWESOME NEWS Jem Gamers! Bullseye is now available on shelves, in stores! Click here to view store locations. You can also purchase Bullseye and Fraction Traction Bullseye on
  • How do I play Bullseye or Bullseye Online?
    Click here to view instructions:
  • Will I be able to purchase more worksheet pads and score pads?
    Yes, for just $10.00, you will get one worksheet pad and two round total score pads for 5 and 10 rounds of play. Just visit the online store to place your order. Click here to view product details.


  • As each player takes a turn, the other players are also thinking of ways to make "BULLSEYE"

  • Review the "How To Play" tab for support.

  • As each player takes their turn, please make sure that they are clear and precise in explaining the number sentences being created.

  • As you play bullseye, always remember Jo Boaler's 7 favorite messages to give to children ( Jo Boaler pg 269 Mathematical Mindset ):


  1. Everyone can learn math to the highest levels.

  2. Mistakes are valuable.

  3. Questions are really important.

  4. Math is about creativity and making sense.

  5. Math is about connections and communicating.

  6. Math class is about learning not performing.

  7. Depth is more important then speed.

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