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There are alot of laughs shared between a game of Bullseye. It is laughter that brings us together.  I'd like to inject that same vibe here in this online community. A safe haven for math teachers to connect and share how Bullseye has changed their classroom's dynamic.


As an educator of mathematics for over 29 years, I am a huge supporter of my fellow math teachers.  That is what inspired me to open up the Teacher's Lounge.  A dedicated space for dedicated educators.  In this lounge you will find:


Often times we're challenged with teaching a class successfully on very limited funds. It keeps us creative.


Many educators, including myself,  have taken from our own pockets to purchase tools essential to a lesson plan. 


I'd like to honor that dedication. I have put together some great bundles that will bring you and your students some fun-saving memories. Everyone can appreciate a good savings. Click below to view bargains today!


Learning can be fun. When playing Bullseye players interact with each other and team up to rise to the challenge. This game will help support the development of computational fluency and flexibility with numbers, as well as reinforce number sense skills. 

Looking for additional help on how to incorporate Bullseye into your math class? Activate the Game! 

For two days, I will personally come to your class and demonstrate how to play Bullseye.


Bullseye is for everyone. What I love about math is it's universal.  And just like laughter, it brings us together. There is alot that we can learn from one another.  I've experienced it for myself and it is truly rewarding. I wanted to create the opportunity for educators from across the globe to connect, learn and engage with each other in some good mathematical fun.


I invite you to visit the Teacher's Forum to connect with fellow educators. Share class experiences, find answers or ideas on strategies and more.



1 Case = 6 Games

of your choice

Each case purchased comes with a FREE SUBSCRIPTION to the ONLINE VERSION of BULLSEYE!

THAT'S Up to 
$30 in Savings!



Duration: 00 Hours

Bullseye will visit your class and introduce the basics of the game.  Our demonstrator will work with students to create number sentences and different strategies to make the Bullseye.  Once the class has a good understanding of how to play, demonstrator will team up students to play a few good rounds of Bullseye. 

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Email: myjemgamez@gmail.com

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